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Our Cruise Ship
Thomson Celebration
3000 miles cruising in Arctic Norway is something which is just out of this World!   From Newcastle we firstly headed for Flam, then Alesund, Tromso Hammerfest, Honningsvad The North Cape, Molde, Geiranger Fjord and finally the rainy town of Berg en.  The Rockies in Western Canada, The Highlands of Scotland were always consider to be among the most beautiful places on Earth but now I think that Arctic Norway must also come into this category.   The beauty was in the the barren snow-capped mountains, tumbling waterfalls and complete isolation of the small towns and  
not so small towns and fishing villages as well as the ever present sunshine we had on this June 2005 cruise.   And to see the midnight sunshine on the North Cape of Norway, the most northerly part of Europe, was a sight to behold.

Flam was first port of call.   Well, it is really only a very small village with a railway station.   And the railway at Flam is World famous.   For those who are not afraid of heights, the Flam valley train ride, one of the steepest conventional railway lines in the world, is an amazing experience this is truly not to be missed..   Precipitous mountains, tumultuous waterfalls and plunging valleys surround this small town that nestles in a tributary at the southern tip of Sognesfjord, the world’s largest Fjord.   The town offers numerous trails and walks and is also home to Norway’s oldest church, built in 1667.
The spectacular Flam Valley Railway
Alesund is an Art Nouvea jewel set at the mouth of the mighty Geirangerfjord.   Destroyed by fire in 1904, Alesund was rebuilt in the Art Nouvea style to create a wonderful evocative destination.   A visit to Mount Aksla with its views across the town, islands and Fjords will seal Alesund in your memory.
The Lafotan Islands were passed on the way to our next destination - TROMSO
Situated amidst dramatic scenery, Tromso has been called the “Paris of the North”.   A striking cathedral city known for its cultural and educational identity, it is also home of the northernmost university in the world.  The iceberg-shaped Arctic Cathedral (centre picture above) echoes the regions unique cultural heritage.
A short trip from Tromso takes you to the snow- filled gullies and ice-covered lakes ( and this was in June!!)