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Hobbies have been an essential part of  one’s life whilst both working and retired.    This is especially so once retirement is imminent.   It  was always felt that if you cannot get out to say the Golf Course or the Garden, an indoor hobby was also essential.   This was where my interest in Amateur Radio came to the fore and which I took up and studied for just a couple of years before my retirement was due.

So let me take you through some of those hobbies:
This was a lifelong pastime and one which was found to be most enjoyable to all members of the family.   My father taught me a lot in my early days which I was able to expand with knowledge gained whilst studying at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.
I do hope that this short explanation will give readers a few ideas and some encouragement to try something new.   But there are many more not covered here but which would be just as interesting and fruitful.

Do have a go and live life to the full.....
The Territorial Army, Amateur Radio and Gardening in south West Scotland are just three of my  hobbies.